Maps and Transport


For students attending Burpengary Meadows State School, there are a variety of buses, bikeways and walkways for students to use when travelling to and from school. We encourage you to ‘leave the car at home’ and consider your transport options when travelling to and from school.

Park, Walk or Ride

To build on a healthy and active lifestyle we suggest you walk, scoot or cycle to school.  Even once a week will make a difference.  Our Park, Walk or Ride map is a great resource to get you started!  Several meeting points have been identified where you can park a short distance away from school and either walk or cycle the rest of the way to school with your children.  These routes average about 500m (and only take 5 - 15 minutes to walk) so it’s an easy way to improve fitness, road safety awareness and spend time together with family and friends.

Walking, Cycling and Scooting

To increase safety and surveillance in the school vicinity, please ensure that your children under 10 are always accompanied by a responsible adult when walking or cycling to school. 

There is a large bicycle parking area for bicycles which is accessible from the Kurrajong Road entrance.  Please ensure that your children wear a bicycle helmet when riding to school, and lock their bikes at all times. Scooters are able to be stored at the bike racks. We encourage all children riding scooters to wear a helmet.

Catching the bus

All students need to conduct themselves in a safe manner when waiting at a bus/train stop, travelling on a bus and after they have exited a bus. 

Check out the following bus services and timetables to see if they are convenient for you:  

If your children are utilising the bus services provided, please ensure that they are familiar with Translink's code of conduct.


Carpooling is a great option for those families who have no alternative to driving to school, and has many benefits.  You can save time, share the cost of fuel and maintenance, and you don’t have to compete for a parking spot every day.

Please note that carpooling is not encouraged as an alternative to walking, cycling or catching the bus where these options are available to you.  For those families who have no alternative to driving to school, we encourage you to take another child or children with you if you can.  This will improve the safety of the school precinct for your children.

Where to safely drop off your children?

A ‘Stop Drop and Go’ - two-minute drop-off area is located in the community / bottom carpark only.  In order to keep this area free of congestion, particularly between 8.05am-8.25am and 2.40pm-3.00pm we ask that you comply with the two-minute regulation, and utilise the school and on-street car parks where additional time is required.

In the interests of safety, we ask that you do not stop footpaths or adjacent to school crossings to drop your children off to school.  Please use roads and driveways safely to park your car in a legal allocated car park and walk your children to the nearest gate.  Please do not drop your children off in the bus bays.

Last reviewed 16 March 2020
Last updated 16 March 2020