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​​​Burpengary Meadows State School was established in 2007. Current enrolments are approximately 705. Underpinned by a living school ethos: ‘Respect, Believe, Strive', our evolving school culture and customs have developed students as strong, caring, creative and responsible young people. Our vision and mission focus on positive futures and citizenship and guide a school culture that supports the development of every child to achieve their dreams. The vision statement articulates our aim: to establish and maintain a community of life-long learners, who positively connect with and contribute to society.

A warm and friendly school community, Burpengary Meadows is dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, futures-oriented environment which focuses on student aspiration to excellence, maximising learning and access opportunities for every child. Interventions and individualised programs are committed to the continual improvement of student outcomes through diagnostic testing, goal and target setting, intervention and enrichment and the implementation of school programs that facilitate earnest delivery of the ‘National Curriculum’ through Education Queensland’s ‘Curriculum to the Classroom’ (C2C) assessment tasks. School-wide collaborative planning processes ensure consistency and connectedness for every student in every classroom across the school. Curriculum delivery is enhanced by a focus on positive and supportive relationships, sustainability, citizenship, and leadership. Work towards embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives and the school-wide implementation of consistent, entrenched differentiation practices is on-going.  

The expansion of ICT infrastructure is testimony to our commitment to information communication technologies and virtual learning.   Every year 1, 2, 3 & 4 student will integrate literacy and numeracy activities using their own XO laptop to enhance in-class literacy and numeracy skills acquisition. Students in Prep will access XOs through a 'classroom pod' strategy. This will broaden our ICT skills development and access in classrooms across the school. Wireless access will continue to be enhanced to accommodate increased bandwidth required to increase ICT use and access in classrooms across the school.  We have applied for additional funding to expand connectivity to school-wide wirless access.

As responsible, participative thinkers and young leaders, Burpengary Meadows' students work collaboratively and cooperatively in a school community environment based on consideration of others, mutual trust and respect. High expectations of student behaviour and application to curriculum ensure that our students are developing the habits and customs that will further enhance their capacity to seize opportunities and achieve their potential.

Burpengary Meadows’ unique, safe and supportive, positive, rewards based behaviour program, music program with extra curricula enrichment, Instrumental music (Strings Groups and Concert Band); and Developmental Sport (Inter- and Intra-School Sport), based on cooperative, investigative and experiential learning philosophies, enrich our school community. Our school ethos, underpinned by calm, supportive behaviour strategies create an ideal teaching and learning environment which in turn affords all students ample opportunity to access the opportunities they need to progress towards their goals and the fulfilment of our school community developed vision. The Burpengary Meadows community maintains a genuine focus on children and their futures. Activities undertaken throughout the year - in and out of classrooms - are saturated by not only love and support for the children in our school community, but a preparedness to do what it takes to ensure their safe access to quality teaching and learning, clear pathways to active citizenship and great, positive futures.  We look forward to working as partners, sharing the joy of a most successful teaching and learning 2023​. 

Last reviewed 28 February 2023
Last updated 28 February 2023