Bring Your Own Device


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eLearning at BMSS

Minimum Device Requirements

The oldest device that students can use at school is an iPad 7th Generation. iPads older than than this generation will shortly no longer be able to update to the latest operating system and therfore not capable to run applications for learning activties. No iPad minis or iPad air can be used.


How do we get our child's iPad ready for the beginning of the next school year?

  • All BYO iPads must be enrolled in Intune External link using the Intune Company Portal App.
  • Student's iPads should have a child Apple ID set up through Family Sharing External link
  • Download the three Paid Apps from the App Store: Book Creator, Natural 20 and Popplet.
  • Download all the free apps from the Intune Company Portal App (the quick and easy way) or through the App Store.
  • Use Screen Time External link to set up restrictions on your child's iPad.
  • Talk through the participation agreement (PDF, 487KB) with your child so you both understand what is expected with iPads at school.
  • Check the storage space available on the device.
  • Use the HELP videos and documents to assist with these or contact for assistance.

What is Intune?

Intune is a secure mobile management system used by the Queensland Education Department, that allows students to use school Wi-Fi, sets up school email automatically, provides access to free school apps and websites on personal devices. 

Installing Intune

Use the video or document on the school website to show you how to install intune and install free apps. This process may take up to 15 minutes to complete.

Before you start, please have ready the email address, username and password that has been supplied to you by the school. If you do not have this information, you will not be able to successfully complete the installation. Please contact your school to obtain these details.

These instructions are for versions 17+ of iOS. You may find some of the screens look different to the ones provided here if you have an older version of iOS or there are changes made to Intune.

If the installation fails at any time, please re-open the Intune app and try again.

Please note: If you have any problems with installing Intune or using it afterwards, please contact the school for assistance at

eLearning at BMSS

Burpengary Meadows State School is a community of 21st century eLearners for whom collaboration and teamwork are essential elements in driving creativity and imagination through critical thinking and problem solving. ICT (information and communication technology) is a natural and essential part of learning where staff and students investigate, manage, create, and communicate with ICT in a socially and ethically responsible way.

The aim of our BYO iPad program is to create and support teaching and learning in a digital learning environment.  All students (Prep–Year 6) actively use eLearning devices and engage in ICT opportunities that are purposeful, engaging and intrinsically linked to curriculum, quality teaching practice and maximising student learning outcomes. eLearning at Burpengary Meadows State School provides the place, time and opportunity for students to access, evaluate and transform information beyond the immediate task. Our BYO iPad program also offers students in years 4–6 the opportunity to bring their own personally owned iPad and participate in cutting edge contemporary one-to-one learning (each student has a personal device), bring your own device (BYOD) program.  For more details regarding our BYO iPad program, please access BMSS BYO iPad parent handbook.

Students will use their device for a range of purposes throughout all stages of learning such as planning and researching; applying and deepening knowledge; reflecting, evaluating and sharing. It is not expected that these devices will be in constant use nor replace the important need for students to learn to read and write using more traditional forms. Similar to all teaching and learning tools in our school, the devices will be used to enrich the learning experience.​

Last reviewed 20 March 2024
Last updated 20 March 2024